We were so sorry to hear that a very special young lady named Ellie passed away 9.38 am on Thursday, 5th January 2012, she would have been seven years old on 25th January, the past few days have been quite thought provoking.

Ellie was born on 25th January 2005 and is the child of Julie and Nigel Libby who I came to know in 2006. Ellie was a real fighter living well beyond her expected lifespan and the inspiration behind Ellie’s Haven, a charity that plans to offer relief to families with children suffering long term and life limiting illnesses…

Many of you may remember our involvement with Ellie’s Haven, a few years back? to raise money and awareness I ran a marathon a day for 3 days, basically from Honiton – Looe 3 For Ellie, as well as other in the media BBC Spotlight’s Jenny Walrond covered the three days filming as I went, I’m pleased to say the effort raised £10,000

In order to achieve its aims Ellies Haven needs to raise £700,000 to build a new type of holiday haven in south-east Cornwall please have a look at the website Ellie’s Haven and if you have a few spare pennies consider helping them.

Our thoughts are with Julie, Nigel and family at this sad time but I’m pleased to think that so much good will come for many in brave Ellie’s name.